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General Terms and Conditions Tongasabi Travel B.V. / Selfdrive4x4.com (hereinafter the Travel Organiser).

The extended travel information and route description are part of the travel agreement/ booking of a trip, self-drive and/or car rental holiday. Make sure that you read these as well before you proceed to booking a trip.

1. How do I book a trip with Selfdrive4x4.com (the conclusion of the travel agreement)?

You can accept our offer via the online portal. Acceptation is deemed to be binding. After booking you will receive a confirmation by post and by email including an invoice for a down payment of 25% on the total travel amount with a minimum of € 250 per booking. Five weeks before the departure you will be asked to pay the remainder. If also flights are booked there is the possibility that these must be fully paid at the moment of booking the trip. You are, as a traveller, obliged to disclose all relevant personal circumstances that may be of influence on the execution of the trip at the time of the booking. For instance illnesses, handicaps, allergies, general condition and possible desired or necessary diets. It is important that you firstly read the extended travel information before you book the trip. This is also part of the travel agreement. These terms and conditions for travel, the travel information and route description you can download from: Selfdrive4x4.com. Also you can request the travel information from the Travel Organiser by phone or via email.

2. Cancellation of the trip by the traveller:

Cancellation of the trip by the traveller should be made known immediately by phone to the Travel Organiser. Subsequently the cancellation must be confirmed in writing via email and/or post to the Travel Organiser by the traveller.

If you cancel a trip, the following costs shall be charged to you:

  • Cancellation of the trip up to 56 days before departure costs, 25% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation of the trip between 56 and 28 days before departure costs, 50% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation of the trip between 28 and 21 days before departure costs, 75% of the travel amount.
  • Cancellation of the trip within 21 days before departure costs, 100% of the travel amount.

Please note 1: For cancellation of airline tickets both booked separately as airline tickets which are part of a complete trip, deviating cancellation conditions may apply if the ticket has already been printed. Inform yourself at the time of booking about these conditions. Hereby the cancellation conditions of the airline company will be followed. For most cheap tickets this is 100% (non-refundable).

Please note 2: For cancellation of campsites and accommodations which are booked by the Travel Organiser at the request of the traveller via Internet or email it also may be the case that deviating cancellation conditions are applicable. The cancellation conditions of the (local) partner, hotel, lodge or booking office are thereby applicable.

In order to cover the financial risk of the cancellation of a trip, the advice is always to purchase cancellation insurance.

3. Cancellation of the trip by the Travel Organiser and liability:

Dependent on the conditions for a minimum number of participants, the trip may be cancelled by the Travel Organiser. In addition to trips with guaranteed departure dates (irrespective of the number of participants) there are also trips whereby the minimum group size is 4 persons before the final go-ahead of the trip. In principle the Travel Organiser always strives not to have to cancel the trip. The Travel Organiser may feel obliged to cancel a trip when there is an instance of circumstances that can be of influence on the quality, execution or safety during the trip. In case of cancellation of a trip the Travel Organiser commits to notify the traveller hereof immediately stating the reasons. In case of cancellation of a trip by the Travel Organiser, the Travel Organiser cannot be held liable for incurred financial damage by the traveller or simply not enjoying the trip, if the cancellation is the consequence of abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances that are independent of the will of the person that makes a claim thereto and of which the consequences despite all precautionary measures could not be avoided. No liability is accepted for the costs already made by the traveller, such as insurance premiums, down payments, visa costs, vaccinations, etc. The Travel Organiser accepts no liability whatsoever for damage and/or injury, incurred by the traveller, inflicted by whomever and caused by whichever matter, unless this can be imputed to own gross negligence or wilful intent of the Travel Organiser. The liability for the damage referred to in section 2 of article 7:509 Dutch Civil Code, can never amount to more in accordance with the present article than three times the travel amount. The Travel Organiser is not liable for loss, theft or damaging of properties, including monies. Obvious errors and mistakes in the travel program do not bind the Travel Organiser. The Travel Organiser advises the traveller to purchase a trip- and cancellation insurance upon booking. In all instances the Travel Organiser shall strive in case of cancellation of a trip to offer the traveller a suitable alternative.

4. Precondition changes and liability:

The Travel Organiser reserves the right to change the prices of the offered trips if the now present VAT regulations may change or when extra surcharges are imposed by the government such as an environmental tax or flight tax. Furthermore there is also always the possibility that the travel routes must be changed or that other changes take place in the course of the year that as a consequence means the planned travel program cannot be executed. Local circumstances and the adventurous nature of the trips may have the consequence that before or during the trip smaller or larger adaptations must be implemented in the travel program or travel route. The Travel Organiser obliges to limit possible detrimental consequences for the traveller as much as possible and to look for alternatives that keep the nature of the original program as much as possible intact. In case of changes prior to the departure the traveller will be notified immediately, stating the reasons. Furthermore the traveller is expected to familiarise himself with the local circumstances in general. In principle changes have no consequences for the travel amount and the traveller has no right to compensation for damages in relation to changes that necessarily were implemented by the Travel Organiser. The traveller can reject possible changes (as well as changes in the travel amount), but only when there is no reasonable alternative available and the change causes him a disadvantage of more than minor importance. In case of a rejection, the Travel Organiser can cancel the travel agreement with the traveller, whereby the cancellation conditions shall be applicable.

4.1 Flight prices and airport taxes can always be changed after booking if this is the consequence of Force Majeure in relation to the rate changes or extra surcharges that are implemented by the airline company which arrange for the flights for travellers booked via the Travel Organiser. Tongasabi Safaris has no influence on this. Keep in mind that in case of the use of two separate tickets none of the transporters (airline companies) is liable in case of delay or cancellation of a flight from the one ticket, because of which connection to the flight from the other ticket is missed. (For instance when the flight from LVI to JNB has a delay or is cancelled and you do not catch the connecting flight in JNB to AMS) You can then be charged for the current change and cancellation costs. The Travel Organiser is not liable for these costs.

4.2 Car rental self-drive safaris. The Travel Organiser is only an intermediary for the car rental and the contract for car rental will be signed at the location between the lessor and the lessee (traveller). Hereby the conditions of the car rental company shall apply, which may deviate from the General Terms and Conditions of the travel organisation. Keep in mind that it is always possible that a replacement car will be delivered, equal to the reserved car. Also it is of importance to know that in case of self-drive safaris there is a heightened risk of delay, break-down of or accidents with the travel vehicle (rental car). The conditions in Africa are not similar to those in the Netherlands (or Europe) and break-down underway or damage in case of use and wear and tear cannot be foreseen prior to the start of the car rental. In case of a total loss of the rental car by your own fault or a unilateral accident, the traveller must take into account that the own risk, if present, is fully for the account of the traveller (lessee). Also the costs of a replacement vehicle are in that case for the account of the traveller. The lessor shall in all instances solve problems with the rental car as soon as possible. This by means of repair or a replacement vehicle. The Travel Organiser can assist thereby but is not liable for damage caused by damages, accidents, and delays in the broadest sense of the word. When booking a self-drive safari the traveller knowingly chooses a trip with a higher risk and a bigger chance on delays and/or unexpected costs during the trip.

5. Complaints:

Possible complaints over the execution of the travel agreement should be submitted to the extent possible at the destination, where the reason for the complaint emerged, in writing to the Travel Organiser or his representative.

6. Obligation to insure and travel and cancellation insurances:

A travel insurance is mandatory for participation in a round trip or safari which is booked via the Travel Organiser. In addition to travel insurance it is advisable to purchase cancellation insurance but this is not mandatory for participation. Cancellation insurance should in most cases be purchased within 7 days after the booking of the trip. Always take information in advance from your own insurance company for the conditions and the coverage of the insurance. At the time of booking it is of importance to pass on the data of your travel insurance to the Travel Organiser in connection with possible emergencies or incidents that may occur during the trip. Always take a copy of your policy on the trip and the insurance card or pass with emergency number(s). The Travel Organiser also arranges for travel and cancellation insurances via the “Europeesche” insurance company. Ask about it when booking the trip.

7. In case of emergencies:

Always contact the emergency contact point of your own insurance company. Furthermore you can also call The Travel Organiser in the Netherlands +31 24 208 22 00 or mobile +31 6 2446 5201. Or our local organisation and/or operators on location. In case of booking and/or sending of the travel documents you shall also receive the contact data at the location (if applicable to the trip).

8. Questions?

Should you have questions about the (general) terms and conditions for travel, please contact us by phone or via email.

Telephone: +31 24 208 22 00, email: info@selfdrive4x4.com or info@tongasabi.com

website: www.selfdrive4x4.com / www.tongasabi.com

Company address:

Groenestraat 294
6531JC Nijmegen

Chamber of Commerce: 66502519

Selfdrive4x4.com is part of Tongasabi Travel B.V. and a member of the foundation Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden – SGR 3166 in the Netherlands.