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CO2 – awareness

As a company in the travel industry, we are aware that travel has a major impact on the environment, climate and living environment. It is of course best not to go on holiday by plane at all, but that is not really an option for destinations such as those in Southern Africa. After all, the world has so much beauty to offer. And for the countries in Southern Africa, tourism is often the most important source of income.

We would like to make our travelers aware of the impact their travel has on the environment. Your flight and rental car emit CO2. In total, this quickly amounts to 2500 kg of CO2 emissions per person per trip.


The CO2 emissions of your trip can be compensated in various ways. One possibility that we would like to bring to your attention is planting trees via DEAN.

Digital Education Africa Network (DEAN) aims to stimulate and improve digital education in East Africa, so that students do not lag behind in 21st century skills. DEAN provides equipment, training for teachers and workshops to make the children aware of their influence on the environment and their living environment: something that they also consider to be part of modern skills.

How does CO2 compensation work?

CO2 compensation takes place via DEAN’s practical days. On a practical day, children plant trees around their school. They are given an explanation about environmental awareness. A practical day at a school costs €400,-. At a practical day, 30 children take part who will plant 50 trees. Each tree compensates on average 22 kg of CO2 per year. For a self-drive trip you quickly have to plant 10-20 trees per person to achieve full compensation. You can contribute for any amount and thus compensate for CO2. You will receive a certificate for each contribution via DEAN, stating how much CO2 you have compensated.

You can support DEAN by donating directly via the DEAN website. DEAN has the ANBI status. Your gift is tax deductible. For more information, visit www.dean.ngo.