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Kalahari Support Group

The Kalahari Support Group supports the Bushmen in Botswana, among others the artists of Kuru Art and Kuru Development Trust in Ghanzi!

You too can visit the San in the Kalahari in Botswana. The San is a native etnic population group in Botswana. A long tradition of San culture lives till today in Botswana, but they are having a hard time maintaining their native culture.

The purpose of the Kalahari Support Group (KSG) states:

  • The support the development process of the San (Bushmen) in the KALAHARI region of Southern Africa.
  • To work for and together with other local population groups if possible.
  • With its activities, KSG wants to arouse interest in The Netherlands and Europe for the KALAHARI and the local population and to disseminate knowledge about the development process there.
  • Marketing of Kalahari products and the Kalahari Art (San).
  • To provide documentation, study and information (lectures with visual material).
  • Networking and maintaining relevant contacts.

You can visit the website of Kalahari Support Group here (only in Dutch).

Selfdrive4x4.com & 3 op Reis

Selfdrive4x4.com supports the work of the Kalahari Support Group and therefore the Kuru Art and Kuru Development Trust by promoting the work of the artists. We let our clients stay overnight in Ghanzi and motivate them to visit the San.

We also organized the visit of Dutch TV host Chris Zegers from BNNVARA 3 op Reis to the Kuru Art Project in 2018.

Check the TV episode here (in Dutch): 3 op Reis

You will find the travel itinerary of Chris Zegers and his team here.